Sex Toy Packaging: Goodbye D*ck in a Box

You generally shop for these in the dark of night.  Trench coat clad with the collar popped.  Giant aviator sunglasses disguise your beet red face.  You’d drop dead from pure shame if your mother ever caught you with this in hand.  Yes, we are talking about sex toy packaging.  Sex isn’t something us Americans are ashamed of, so why so cloak and dagger when it comes to sex toys?  And why are most sex toy packages anything but subtle when we are supposedly so ashamed of these tools?  A brave, and gregarious Imagemme soul takes a closer look at the sex toy packaging landscape….are we ashamed of the products or is it the sinfully primitive packages that have us horrified?

First, let’s take a gander at the packing that is used for more run of the mill sex boutiques. This type of packaging tends to be cheaply constructed, with cheesy, often very vivid stereotypical images.


Perhaps the antithesis of romantic?  Where is the Apple of sex toy packaging?  Surely, there are a range of sex toy consumers (from high to low), so why are we not catering to the upper echelons of the market?

Enter Babeland.



Directly contrasting some of the sex packaging you notice in seedier establishments, Babeland offers premium products, in a clean, modern setting. Not only this, Babeland (along with the many other brands their store carries) products come in friendly, appropriate boxes, tubes, etc. Walking into any of the Babeland stores, you’re surrounded by knowledgeable salespeople who know absolutely everything about the products they carry.   Their salespeople are friendly, but extremely professional and the products are beautifully displayed in a range of custom designed packages.  No one is hiding in Babeland.  It’s a premium experience for sex toy aficionados where packages delight, excite and educate consumers. Babeland packaging reads, “Smart sex”.  The brand prides itself on an educational experience, that champions informed, hygienic, sexual experiences.  Though the actual products are somewhat similar to what you’d see in lower-brow establishments, their presentation and tact is completely different. Babeland offers “sexual technology”,  nonpareil, while other establishments are into vibrating commodities. To top it all off, Babeland also offers “eco-sex” toys, for al those consumers who worry for the environment. Thoughtful and very 21st century!


Babeland is a sex top branding and packaging design success story.  Cognizant of the effects emotion has on purchase behavior, they’ve cultivated a euphoric (not shameful) experience that ensures consumers will come again and again (no pun intended!).