We’re “Feeling” Glade’s Branding

In their new high-budget branding campaign, Glade is attempting to redefine what it is they sell: feelings.

No, they haven’t branched off into pharmaceuticals; rather they’ve put a twist on how we perceive their product.

Perhaps because scent is widely understood to provide the greatest recall of all five senses, Glade’s new pop-up store in NYC’s trendy Meatpacking district is all about the feelings their different scents evoke.

The first interesting thing about the pop-up is that, on the outside, it is completely unbranded. While this may seem counterintuitive, it makes particular sense for the brand because, 1) how many people were really interested in engaging with Glade, and 2) the air of mystery it created was itself a draw.

This sense of mystery was continued once inside the pop-up, as its facilitators had clearly been trained to avoid immediately divulging what brand they represented.

While there were several attractions inside, including a nauseating virtual reality tour, the main attractions were several elaborate rooms designed to physically embody their featured scent.


Glade Branding



Glade Branding

The branding campaign was certainly well conceived and executed, however it remains unclear how successful it was. One indication that it may have failed to create the impact it hoped for is that its youtube spot has less than 9,000 hits after three weeks.


Were these dollars well spent? Did Glade have to build up to this fresh branding approach with more interesting conventional advertising?

Either way, they certainly deserve credit for creating a memorable experience.

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