VANMOOF Bike Design – Product Moofers and Shakers!

Amsterdam is home to some pretty great ideas, the Rembrandt House, the red light district…and now VANMOOF- revolutionary light-weight, rust-free bicycles with solar-powered lights.  These LED wonder lights not only charge themselves with solar power, but they can also be charged with a micro USB cable from your phone. Say What?!

The ultra light-weight frames are easy to lift up and down stairs (if you live in a walk up), but it also makes them faster to ride.  Its thick and wide wheels and unbreakable frame make it perfect for city living…even New York pot-hole-ridden living.

“We want to design the perfect commuter tool by improving the basic functionality of our urban Dutch bicycle. We like it simple; remove the redundant, while keeping comfort and style.”

The resulting sleek, modern, eco-friendly, cycle-extraordinaire was at first the favorite of design buffs and media darlings, but it’s unparalleled convenience and hardiness has made it the it-bike for moms, students and everyday commuters.

This ultimate urban bicycle design has caught our eye and will definitely be on our wish list this holiday season.

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