TV Land’s Logo Redesign


TV Land flickered onto our sets in 1996. Building on the success of ‘Nick at Nite,’ the classic TV rerun alter-ego of Nickelodeon, TV Land began offering diverse, vintage programming ranging from The Ed Sullivan Show to Hill Street Blues. The face of this venture was a googie-inspired, colorful lounge-sign of a logo. It was a very retro, 1950’s look, but was appropriate for a network offering shows from the 50’s to the 80’s, Primarily, it communicated one thing—nostalgia.  Secondly, the logo told you that TV Land was a fun, hip, relaxing place to be. As viewers and the rest of the public became more and more familiar with the network, the logo was streamlined into more comfortable, less-kitschy versions of the original, but still maintained it’s retro, irreverent character.

The station began chasing a new demographic in 2007, the original Generation X viewers of MTV. And now with a new marketing push, TV Land wishes to more heavily emphasize their original programming.  Their new identity is built around this shift. The only visual element to remain is part of the original double-trazpezoid shape, in silhouette form. The type has been updated, and a new bright teal color chosen. Primarily, the logo still communicates a central idea, nostalgia: “hey isn’t watching TV fun?” However, reflective of the network’s desire to distance itself from it’s classic-TV past, any retro element is gone. The new logo wishes to tell us that TV Land is bright, fun, happy, and new. Here, it succeeds; however any personality from the original identity is not carried over. Whether this was intentional or simply unfortunate isn’t known, but a very popular sentiment from the 50’s rings true here: out with the old, in with the new.

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