The Evolution of 5 Iconic Logos


The evolution of Pepsi’s logo has followed a clear route, one that moved further and further toward simplicity, boldness, and clarity. The fact that their latest iteration is the first in brand history to fully exclude the Pepsi name illustrates the push toward becoming not only a household name, but a household icon.


Similarly, the Starbucks logo developed stronger, thicker lines in lieu of its more detailed predecessors. A simple, streamlined image, like snappy one-liner, is perhaps more memorable, and identifiable, than more elaborate alternatives.


The Golden State Warriors, like many professional sports teams, has recently revamped their logo and uniform design by looking backward, toward the franchise’s stylistic ancestry. It’s no coincidence that retro-fashion has been comfortably “in” for quite a while now, and basketball remains the professional American sport with the strongest ties to the world of pop-culture.


Greyhound has taken a middle ground, stripping away the old red, white, and blue median lines while reinstating the company name at the bottom. The uniform, metallic coloring is reminiscent of the logo for a certain tech company that’s named after a fruit that goes in apple pie.


Ford hasn’t done much to their logo in the last, oh, hundred years…While this is certainly their defense against changing it at this point, they aren’t exactly sticking with what works. The logo today looks as unremarkable as it did in 1912. It seems unlikely that people inclined to buy Ford would stop if their logo changed; however, if it did, new people might start…

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