The Best of 2011: Part 1, Holiday Packaging Design

As the year comes to a close, we thought it appropriate to celebrate the year in design in a 3 part series looking at the major highlights of this year.

Since a lot of New Yorkers have put on their out of office messages signaling the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to take a look at the best holiday packages of 2011.

One of my personal faves are these holiday bottles from Southern Tier Brewing Company.  Their tongue-in-cheek packaging design makes for a real lol around the yule log.


The spirit industry seems to be littered with creatives who know how to put together a good holiday package.  This design from Stella Artois celebrates the beers herritage- as it was originally crafted for the holidays.  The Stella team, as usual, did a stellar job with the accompanying campaign and creating ceremony around a drink loved by so many.


And what’s the holiday season without a good whisky? Glenmorangie has created this unique holiday package built around the Scottish tradition that calls for a tumbler of whisky at midnight to toast the future.  I’m sure that is a tradition that would be well received the world over. : )


And to prove we are not booze obsessed (we can’t help that the industry makes great packages!) here are a few sober holiday packages.

This package was done a few years back but will always be a favorite of ours because it’s so clever.  Pangea, known for their healthful ingredients and sustainable packages have a holiday package that enables you to plant a spruce tree when you are done.  The gift that keeps on giving!


Panera bread did a tremendous job with this years holiday campaign, outshining (dare we say) coffee monolith, Starbucks.  The campaign focused on capturing and spreading the joy and love of the holiday season.  We especially love the “share surprises” box…makes for a great stocking stuffer (hint hint).


And then there is a new take on timeless messages.  Jonathan Adler celebrates the holidays in fun, non-denominational style that spread messages of peace and love….something we hope to see a little more of in 2012.


And finally, we love this last one for two reasons.  1. we love jalipenos, and 2. if we thought of this we’d be really pleased with ourselves.  Not only do we love the play on words, and the alliteration, but this holiday gift from an agency to their clients is beautifully executed, personal and thoughtful.  Ok, maybe that is more than two reasons, but it’s really cool. Thumbs up.


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