The 2012 Packaging Design Imagemmy Goes To…

It’s award season and we at Imagemme are, unashamedly, getting on the bandwagon. The Grammys and the Oscars? No, no we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make up our own awards. It’s all about the Imagemmys! We are very passionate about the look and functionality of a package. Being both beautiful and capable is a killer combination, so having the perfect packaging design is your best bet for forming consumer bonds, capturing mindshare and ensuring you make it from the store shelf to the bathroom shelf (or kitchen/bedroom…you get the point!). They always say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but, in this case, the cover is all that matters. Artful packaging design deserves some recognition! Many blogs out there celebrate package design, but only a few do it with gusto and flair and we are giving them some kudos for their stellar commitment to the art and science of packaging design. So who beat out all the other packaging design blogs out there? Who was top dog in the world of package design coverage?  After years of toiling and scouting for the best packaging design blogs on the world wide web, we were finally able to come up with our top five. Based on usability, aesthetics, useful content, and involvement in the design community, these are our top blogs we go to for a dose of inspiration. At last, here are Imagemme’s top 5 packaging design websites of 2012:

5. The 5th Place Imagemmy Goes To…..Lovely Package


The name itself is already alluring. Who wouldn’t want to check out a “lovely package”? All juvenile jokes aside, Lovely Package shows off some leading design work in the packaging world. Taking a look at everything from pizza boxes to wine bottles, Lovely Package offers its visitors the very best of breakthrough design, in addition to their sister blog, Lovely Stationary, which features some excellent writing supplies. With much of the content looking into function and purpose, a lot of what you see on Lovely Package is actually quite beautiful. The designs that are featured are remarkable, especially the liquor packaging. Who doesn’t love a good whiskey bottle?

4. And In spot number 4 we have Packaging Design ARCHIVE



Inspiration is what Packaging Design Archive is all about. With archives containing every kind of design you could possibly imagine, this blog is like a never-ending catalog of packaging. Probably one of the more underrated packaging design websites, Packaging Design Archive seems infinite and is definitely a must see if you’re in desperate need of a muse.   Take note students or designers with “designers block.”  While the navigation is extremely intuitive, users can also easily select any packaging design inspiration of their choice and view hundreds of different options. It’s sexy packaging design blog meets museum.  Cool.

3. And The Bronze Imagemmy Goes to Package Design Magazine


Coming in at number 3 is Package Design Magazine, the granddaddy of all packaging design websites. With over 8 years of covering the latest in design, Package Design Magazine gives the latest on industry news in addition to spotlighting up and comers. From packaging design news to detailed galleries, Package Design Magazine does it all!  Being one of the longer running blogs its set a paradigm for brilliant content, and great industry insight.

2. The Second Place Imagemmy Goes To Packaging of the World  (It was a very close call!)


Silent, clean, and calm, Packaing of the World is a gem. As you can tell by the title, Packaging of the World features some of the most fresh, inventive design work from every corner of the globe. Food and beverage labels to bag design, Packaging of the World covers a wide variety of content. Originally getting its start in 2008, POTW goes by a “less is more” guideline, with their endless amount of impressions but purposeful lack of text. There might not be much to read, but there’s plenty enough to search through. Very feng shui.

1. And the Winner is….The Dieline (AKA the Adonis of Packaging Design Blogs)


Coined the “world’s #1 packaging design website”, we couldn’t help but agree. The Dieline has been online for over 4 years now and the site keeps going from strength-to-strength. Along with their keen eye for passionate design, it has a substantial company directory, organizes a yearly conference, and even presents a prestigious award to the best packaging designs out there. The Dieline often spotlights up and comers and will feature everyone from multi-million dollar corporations to student designers. In addition to being the most visited blog on our top 5 list, this site truly brings the package design community together. On top of it all, The Dieline also came out with their very own book, Box, Bottle, Bagto inspire packaging designers the world over. From their Dieline Forum to the Dieline Packaging Design Conference, this website knows how to bring students and design veterans together. Here’s to The Dieline, our choice for number one in packaging design blogs!  Cue the acceptance speech.

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