SMM: Serious Money Maker

Whether you take it seriously or not, social media is a very valuable asset for companies the word over.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a food truck or an international brand, getting your voice heard on the web has a limitless amount of advantages. From Twitter to Facebook to the wonderful new world of Pinterest, having your company tweeting and posting could do wonders for building brand awareness and a strong online presence. Yet, how do you represent yourself in the online world, while possessing a killer, on-brand personality? Most importantly, how do you prevent yourself from being cyber-bullied? (That last question was just a joke, sort of)


Your voice on Facebook, Twitter etc. etc. has a lot to do with what your brand means to customers. If your demographic tends to be younger, your best bet is to be more upbeat and sociable. The kids like to talk and use exclamation points, so don’t forget that enthusiasm is key!! On the other side of the spectrum, if your customer base tends to be older, a more professional tone is preferred in many cases. With this type of audience, delivering hard facts and stimulating news will most definitely benefit your online personality. Another thing to keep in mind is that your voice should be consistent. The last thing you’d want is for your online personality to have a dose of bipolar disorder. A clear, on-brand presence will build followers and improve communication between your company and its audience.

In addition to having a rock steady, established voice, remember that what you present online is going to signify your brand’s mission and the people who work behind it. What you deliver online should be personable and draw people in. Like a good movie, social media content should inspire and keep an audience entertained, or you’ve lost them. A lost audience means lost sales.  If they’ve laughed and cried, you’ve done an excellent job!

Lastly, remember it’s quality, and not quantity! If you’re tweeting about insignificant material every 5 seconds, this could potentially annoy the heck out of your customers and they will abandon you. This of course, has exceptions. If you’re the BBC and you’re covering some scandal involving a Russian spy, this will most likely work to your advantage. On the other hand, posting meaningful, well-written material sparingly is a definite do.


What about interactive posts? The best. One of my favorite tweets of all time was when Bowery Presents asked its followers to craft a haiku about their favorite venue to win a pair of concert tickets. Sadly, I lost, but some fans came up with genuine masterpieces, all under 140 characters!

Social media can be an insanely valuable asset for your company, so don’t dismiss the opportunity! Social media is both a creative outlet for your brand and a great way to get in touch with customers.

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