Royal Redesigns

While Brittania may not rule the waves as it once did, Brits definitely have several reasons to be proud with all this Jubillee/London 2012 excitement. Having just acquired my British citizenship, I decided to harp in on all this fun and pick out only the loveliest of “Jubilee Packaging” on the market. God save the queen!

Marks & Spencers


Also lovingly referred to as “Marks & Sparks”, this British chain is know for providing the tastiest Victorian sponges and frilliest of “knickers” all under one roof. To commemorate Queenie’s Diamond Jubilee, Marks & Spencers has come up with some rather proud packaging. Emblazoning the Union Jack on their boxes and bags, the vintage look to their packaging is highly alluring and oh so British. We like!



Brits love a good pun, so, of course, Marmite’s posh packaging made the list. Ma’amite ‘Toasts the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee” using the British flag and a bright red cap. Regardless of your opinion on Marmite or Ma’amite, their packaging redesign for the Jubilee is simple genius.

Kit Kat


Need a break, have a Kit Kat! In honor of the Queen’s 60 years as figurehead of all the land, Kit Kat has changed their name to “Brit Kat”. Another great pun for Great Britain.



All this pride is making me blush! What better way to celebrate Britain than to nourish the people with healthful, filling Weetabix. What do they want to do? “Fuel Brittania”!

Cadbury Dairy Milk


Featuring some old-time fonts and a royal purple wrapper, Cadbury have captured the Anglo spirit with their quaint packaging redesign. What could be more British than a big slab of milk chocolate? Jolly good!

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