Rock Brand – Top 10 Band Logo Designs

While the first thing that might come to mind when either the Rolling Stones or The Ramones is mentioned is their iconic music, band logos also play a pretty massive part in their memorability as well.  Emblazoned on tour posters, t-shirts, and sometimes people’s bodies, a musician’s logo has a big say in their marketability. Yes, we know, it all comes down to the music and being something special. “Selling out” stinks, but most musicians/artists want to be acknowledged for their talents. What better way to do that than with an awe-inspiring logo? Ladies and gentlemen, our ten favorite band logos (Caution: Not in any particular order):

10). The Who


Where do we begin? Simply amazing! The colors (Brittania all the way), the mod font, the target; it all works together in a busy, mesmerizing way. While the target also acts as a medical symbol for male, the “Grotesque”-style font was designed by famous painter, Brian Pike, in 1964 as a part of their original logo. Wish “My Generation” had a band logo as brilliant as this one!

9). Black Sabbath


Let’s be honest, the idea of riding on Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” sounds a little terrifying, so for now we’ll just admire the music and this stirring logo. Written in a bubble font that was popular at the time, Black Sabbath’s logo is a “Revelation”!

8). Led Zeppelin


The use of the hokey DesDemona font makes this logo particularly special and reminiscent of a much more “happening” decade.  Nostalgia here we come…

7). AC DC


As a fan of classic rock, you notice many lightening bolts in band logos. I especially like the way AC DC casually insert theirs in the logo, all while using the “squealer” font. It makes this band that much more electrifying!

6). Kiss


Everything from the colors to the strong, “Die Nasty” font shouts the raucousness that is Kiss. An awesome band with an awesome logo. Fitting!

5). Daft Punk


This electronic music duo (made up of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter) wanted their music to speak volumes and their image to be kept at a minimum. In place of their physical presence, a fantastic logo. Of its importance, they stated, “To us, the Daft Punk logo should be the star -the concept is to keep us more low-profile than the music itself.” Let’s celebrate “One More Time”!

4). Metallica


How do you emphasize that you’re the best darn heavy metal band out there? Cue the lightening bolts!! Using the “Pastor of Muppets” font, Metallica’s logo is all attitude and ferociousness.

3). Run DMC


The founding fathers of hip hop, Run DMC deserve some due respect! Simple, but extremely memorable, Run DMC certainly knew how to package themselves. A modified Franklin Gothic font, this logo speaks volumes for a band with heaps of charisma.

2). The Beatles


Evocative of a time when all he wanted to do was “Hold Your Hand” and “Dance With You” (yeah, right), The Beatles logo may be without the frills and thrills, but it’s certainly a solid piece of rock history. Hand drawn by Ivor Arbiter, owner of Drum City in London, this logo is legendary.

1). Rolling Stones


Nothing could better encompass all of the Stones’ antics, debauchery, and accomplishments better than a pair of big, juicy, red lips. Featured on their albums and memorabilia, anyone with a pair of working eyes would immediately think “Forty Licks”. Well done, boys!

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