Rebranding Real Estate

Major NYC real estate developments have become brands, using beautifully-architected web design to help build awareness long before the buildings are completed.

In most cases these websites match the general aesthetic of the building, landing somewhere on the spectrum between ornate opulence and contemporary sleekness, however in the case of 15 Renwick, a luxury building in Hudson square, its website, and building, has taken on a completely new sort of brand identity.


Rebranding Real Estate


A “homage to the Victorian era in which the street’s namesake, James Renwick and his son, lived”, the characters who embody and populate the “bespoke, inspired” luxury condominium are a sort of psychedelic combination of Bushwick hipsters and Victorian aristocrats. The ideal buyer, in terms of net worth and personality compatibility, perhaps, would be Jonny Depp, with his idiosyncratic wardrobe and his own plethora of on-screen oddball characters.


Rebranding Real Estate


Rebranding Real Estate


But how many Jonny Depps are out there? Most of the people who can afford this sort of property are 1) older than the average hipster, and 2) probably loathe the tattooed long-beards. Of course these are crude and only half-serious generalizations, but distinctly branding a building could dissuade purchasers just as easily as it could attract them.

With only so many units to fill, though, 15 Renwick surely won’t have a problem finding enough millionaire oddballs or aspiring oddballs, and this sort of highly personalized real estate branding will probably become increasingly familiar.

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