Promotional Packaging – Maximizing ROI


The challenge with packaging design is to create true human connection and evoke emotion all in a matter of seconds.  When consumers make purchases they are inundated with tens of thousands of messages trying to persuade them to buy one product over another.  So how do you craft successful messages that rise to the top and convince consumers to buy?

Since packaging is the only in-store touch point that is completely controlled by the brand, make you are using it to your full advantage.  When creating your promotional packaging strategy, make sure you identify the most profitable objectives.  To do this, you must first decide if frequency or penetration will derive the most ROI for your products. Since the packaging cannot effectively influence both penetration and frequency, you have to lead with one.  Usually brands select the most cost efficient route.

For example, if you are looking for high frequency and lower costs, sweepstakes are an excellent avenue to pursue.   If you are looking for higher penetration and are less concerned with the cost, you might opt for a money back guarantee.  But before you select your promotional avenue, make sure you calculate your profit prognosis, and make your decision based on the most favorable outcome.  Furthermore, identify the metrics you will be looking at to define success in your markets, and make sure you are prepared to collect your data.

Once you’ve decided upon your package promotion, ensure you are designing to support the brand, as well as capturing consumer attention and driving purchase.  Identify all the elements of the promotion that will add value for the consumer and motivate purchase, define the hierarchy of information, then begin designing.  With packaging promotion, color is of the utmost importance.  It’s an effective balance of staying true to the brand DNA but also creating a violator that will stop traffic.

Finally, after you’ve run your promotion, you must evaluate the outcome.  The resulting statistics will allude to the numerical success obtained in your specific market areas and distribution channels.

Now, go forth and create!  Bonne chance!

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