Packaging Design Spotlight: Waitrose “Love Life”


Last week we posted an article on the limitations of certain food packaging design and how it can lead to consumer confusion and even beget an unhealthy lifestyle.

Well, we just stumbled upon this great packaging from British food retailer, Waitrose, who are making healthy eating look great.  The beautiful white packages are designed to help people eat with their eyes by bringing the purity and beauty of the food to the forefront.  Moreover, the top ranking objective with these packages was to showcase the calorie count so consumers could easily stay within a 1500 calorie per day diet.  The design language works beautifully as a system, but also is 100% transparent with consumers to help them achieve their healthy eating goals.  It’s good looks, easy shopability and intuitive usage will hopefully encourage healthy eating and set the stage for more of its kind.

Hunter Warren is a Designer at Imagemme Packaging Design.

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