Oreo and other Guerilla Marketing Treats

This past Monday, Oreo opened the door to the “Oreo Wonder Vault”, a clearly expensive pop-up guerrilla marketing campaign which, based on online feedback, seems to have been worth every penny. Inside the mysterious Oreo door was red lever and instructions to pull it. When curious visitors did, a free sample of its new Cupcake flavor – set to hit shelves, officially, in the next few days – slid down into their waiting hands. Even though milk wasn’t served, the stunt earned Oreo some much-deserved recognition.

Oreo Vault

Oreo Vault

The cleverness of the Oreo Vault reminded us of the most interesting campaign of the year, and certainly the cruelest: Ex Machina’s Tinder robot troll that broke the hearts, at least for an hour, or so, of every swiper at SXSW. After swiping right on the profile picture of 25 year old Ava – Swedish actress Alicia Vikander – the unfortunate dupes proceeded to have an exchange with a robot. Not only did the campaign garner significant attention, it poignantly delivered a real-world example of the scenario dramatized in the film.

Ex Machina

On Adweek, one of Ava’s Tinder victims admitted that the ruse was impressive, but that it “toyed with his emotions so hard.” We couldn’t find a comment on behalf of the ad agency responsible for the campaign, but we’re guessing they were thrilled to hear that it elicited such deep, in not especially happy, human feelings.

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