My Goodness My Guinness!

We’ve all breached etiquette now and again by checking our email at the dinner table, or over-texting during a relaxing night out – and Guinness has something to say about it.

The famous Dublin-based brewery just released a new ad urging bar and restaurant goers to put down their phones and spend some quality time together.  We think it’s an instant hit:


The piece is wildly eye-catching, and also reinforces one of the brand’s core values in a very contemporary way.  Guinness, a company that often appeals to its rich history for heightened legitimacy, here harkens back to the days of pre-social-media, asking us cheekily to be a luddite once in a while — a move that works particularly well in concert with their warmly nostalgic, vintage-style campaigns.



The new ad is also in keeping with recent campaigns that foreground the product itself, taking advantage of its naturally rich color to work from deep, earthy color palettes or craft fun visual puns.




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