Marketing Mythology: 3 Campaign-Crushing Fallacies

1. Consumers say what they mean and mean what they say: Brands large and small invest significant marketing dollars into focus groups and market research that identifies consumer purchasing behavior and key motivators.  However, recent neuroscientific research asserts that consumers make purchasing decisions subconsciously, then rationalize their purchases with conscious thought.   When attempting to evaluate consumers, look at patterns of behavior, as well as what consumers are saying.  It is likely to reveal more truths.


2. Language is a key driver to purchase:  Humans don’t actually think in words first.  Functional MRIs (FMRIs) reveal that activation centers in our brains light up before words are even deciphered.  Don’t ignore language by any means, but look are your messaging more from a holistic standpoint.


3. Consumers will interpret messages as marketers intend: Marketers often judge the efficacy of a marketing campaign on consumer recall.  So if a consumer can remember much of the message, it will be deemed successful.  The fact of the matter is, messages are not absorbed passively, they are commingled with unique experiences and messages from other areas of life that then frame the message for individual consumers. So you may accurately remember a message, but whether or not it resonates with you is a different story.

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