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A recent poll in the UK showed that consumers wanted an official identity to mark products as uniquely British or “Made in Britain” as a means of quickly identifying home grown products.   And the UK design community responded.  Moving forward, products that are conceptualized and produced in the UK will be branded “Made in Britain” with the above logo emblazoned upon it.

Countries the world over have sought to brand their domestic products in hopes of driving consumers to purchase locally developed items.  In December 2010, the US brand certification mark received registration status from the US Patent and Trademark Office, and now products can officially bear the “Made in the USA” emblem as well.


Branding domestic products is like building any other brand – it adds value.  The “Made in the USA” initiative claims that products labeled with mark will benefit from enhanced brand value, an expanded customer base, differentiation from competitors, and an overall strengthened brand effort.

We see the marketing value of such an initiative, so we decided to develop our very own “Made in the US by Imagemme” logo to reinforce our pride for American talent.  Let us know which one is your favorite.


Yearning for a stamp from Imagemme?  Give us a call at 212.738.9229 and see if we can make something uniquely American just for you.

Amina AlTai is the Marketing Director for the Imagemme New York City office.

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