Let’s Get Social! What Businesses Can Take Away From Social Media Week


With over 179,745 tweets and 27,023 check-ins, Social Media Week (SMW) is definitely kicking up a fuss. Taking into account that it’s also Fashion Week, New York has been unusually hectic. Expanded to 21 cities globally, some 60,000 social media mavens, business owners, and brand ambassadors are soaking up what’s the latest on new media platforms. This isn’t just about Twitter and Facebook. With a jam-packed schedule, SMW offers gatherings and exchanges that incorporate the most up to date knowledge on social and mobile media. After this social media marathon, what will brands and businesses be able to take away from it all?

One reoccurring discussion this week focused on the affects of social media on specific industries and whether it is benefiting the workplace or discrediting it. Journalism, in particular, was a hot topic. Today, SPIN magazine held a seminar titled “Music Criticism Is Dead, Long Live Music Journalism. Can 140-Characters Do Justice To Journalism?” questioning whether social media and music publications are a good match or if character restrictions harm quality criticism. While social media has seriously aided so called “dying” industries, many question if using Twitter to publish articles demeans the integrity of the publication.

Another interesting discussion focused on how social media platforms were altering education. “The Power of Social Media in Education” conference took a look into how new media can benefit both the Latino community and the education system. From elementary schools to global universities, educational institutions are getting in touch with their communities via Twitter and WordPress. For educators of younger students, a good part of the discussion is tied to how networking technologies can actually be a positive, rather than a middleman between sexual predators and youngsters.

There was also a decent amount of discussion concerning social media and leadership roles. An event hosted by Alex Tropey “Rethinking Leadership: How A New Generation Of Tools Is Empowering A New Generation of Leaders” (tonight from 6 to 7 at John Jay College) centers around the discussion of how digital marketing can affect aspiring politicians. For a media savvy politician like Tropey (a 24 year old digital marketing entrepreneur and mayor), using social technologies can boost visibility tremendously, all for a quite a low cost.

A worldwide phenomenon, Social Media Week has reached a remarkable amount of people from Hong Kong to London to Buenos Aires, teaching both global and local corporations how to use online marketing to their advantage. Running on the slogan “Empowering Change Through Collaboration”, Social Media Week will be holding events until tomorrow evening, February 17th. All in all, don’t let social media outlets scare you. They can be a fantastic way to reach out to a broader community of people and your online presence could profit greatly. Get with the program and see what Social Media Week has to offer!

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