Johnnie Walker Launches the Blue Label Collection

In collaboration with Diageo and Porche Design Studios, Johnny Walker launches The Blue Label Collection in commemoration of Alexander Walkers 1867 Old Highland Whisky.  It’s rare character and big flavor is further brought to life through this rich packaging design and accompanying video reveal that demonstrates just how much of an “unrivaled masterpiece” this product really is.

The collection, composed of a brushed titanium chiller, a blue leather and brushed titanium case, and the 6 and 1/2 foot titanium, glass and leather bar completes the product and packaging design nonpareil.


Complete with electronic sensors, the bar opens and rotates 180 degrees for the ultimate unveil, 3 bottles of Blue Label, four crystal whisky tumblers, water and ice bucket.

Presentation is everything, and Johnny Walker just showed the whole industry how it’s done.  Bravo!

Hunter Warren is a Designer at Imagemme Packaging Design.

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