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When it comes to spirit innovation, the UK puts us to shame.  The adult beverage market is becoming increasingly convenience-centric as we see the mushrooming of pre-mixed drinks sold in convenience outlets, and now the introduction of exotic cocktail mixers such as Funkin Mixers.

Funkin Mixers is setting the stage for an alcohol consumption phenomenon.  The single dose tetra packs facilitate high-brow mixed drinks, simulating an evening at an exotic bar, but at stay-at-home prices.  The product range features flavors such as mojito, cosmpolitan, bellini, pina colada, daquiri, and margarita all for less than $2.  Now that’s a party in your mouth and your pocket!

The package design is also something to write home about.  Deviating from the trends in the spirit world, the sleek designed pouch is reminiscent of a still beverage, with its colorful yet clean design, and simple, yet get-the-job-done typographic style.  It’s portable, is practical, you know immediately what it is, and the scalable design language reads consistently throughout all of the SKUs.

Whomever designed it did a “funkin” great job.

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