Email Marketing Best Practices: Rules to Live By


Are your newsletters adhering to email marketing guidelines?

So you’ve got a great website, and have been collecting emails for years, but never managed to send anything out.  If you are setting up a newsletter to mail to your customers, here are a few guidelines to adhere to.

On your site, be clear about what your customers are signing up for.  Add indications that your customers are being added to an email marketing list, and what they will be receiving as a result.

Do the same in your email.  Make sure that consumers are aware why they are receiving this email, and that they did, in fact, sign up for your list.   Add an uncheck box that gives them the option to receive e-newsletters.

If you’ve never sent an email blast before, and your list is quite a few years old, you will need to age the list down.  Separate emails in intervals of 3 or 6 months, but no longer than a year and then send emails that asks them to opt in to your email list so they do not report you as spam (note: a spam rate of less than .1% is acceptable).  Email addresses are typically active for 12-18 months so you should send updates with opt-in and opt-outs regularly.  In fact, you should reach out with customers at least once per month to keep them abreast of special promotions or developments with your brand so there is higher recall and lower spam rate.

Dhanesh Shelat  is the SEO Analyst for the Imagemme New York City office.

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