Delivering the Delicious: Bakery Packaging

New York City bakeries are just the best. Take that, Paris!

It’s not just the sheer quality of New York’s pastries that make this city a culinary hot spot. New York doesn’t stop at just the macaroon or the simple doughnut; our fine city offers a wide variety of the world’s best sweets. Like the people, our pastries are varied, flavorful, and filled with attitude.  NYC offers everything from classic Italian bakeries (Venieros) to gluten-free Meccas (Babycakes) and classic cupcake chains (á la Magnolia). But how do these bakeries go about packaging these delectable morsels and what does it say about their brand?

Many pastry shops throughout the city use highly alluring boxes and packaging to show off what their bakery has to offer. For many, packaging is an opportune moment to express the brand and differentiate themselves from the next Joe-Schmo cupcake shop. Though a dangerous, life-threatening mission, I took it upon myself to scout the city’s best bakery packaging and here is what I found:



“Pretty” in Pink is a great way to describe the retro-infused packaging for Babycakes. Quite reminiscent of the days when Elvis and poodle skirts reigned supreme, Babycakes packaging is simple, but delightful. To top it all off, their logo immediately inspires sugar (or agave) cravings. Lastly, don’t forget the hats…

One Lucky Duck


Rustic, eco-conscious, and practical are great ways to describe One Lucky Duck’s boxes and bags. Emblazed with their duck logo, One Lucky Duck is very careful about using the most sustainable materials. Along with this, their color-coded packages are pleasing to the eye and memorable. Other bakeries should definitely take note!



Veniero’s tasteful red and white packaging has an old world appeal to it. One of NYC’s most acclaimed Italian bakeries, Veniero’s has been around since 1894, which they proudly emblazon on their boxes and bags. . When I see Veniero’s logo, I immediately think rainbow cookies and cannolis. This traditional Italian bakery offers some highly traditional, but clean packaging.

Insomnia Cookies


For every sugar starved NYU student out there, the sweetness that is Insomnia Cookies is only a phone call away. To aptly display their baked goods, Insomnia delivers their cookies in a package that highly resembles a pizza box. For those who aren’t interested in greasy pies late at night, Insomnia has your sugar fix. The highly appropriate purple font will send you to sleep soon after you come down from your sugar high. Funny, simple, but brilliant.



Ok, so this elite pastry shop might not actually be American by birth (it is, in fact, French), but their New York location probably serves up the best darn “macarons” this world has seen. Featured in countless films including Marie Antoinette, Ladurée serves up the finest, most adorned pastries you will ever ingest. How do you encase such a beautiful work of edible art? In the finest boxes and bags. Gold fill font and structured boxes make up Ladurée’s packaging, which I’m sure any consumer would be proud to tote around. The elegant logo speaks volumes for Ladurée’s rich history as one of the finest “patisseries” since 1862. On top of this, the print used on the box is so elegant and intricate, like it just stepped out of the court of Versailles.



Jumping on the macaroon bandwagon is Financier, an amazingly delectable New York chain that serves up the finest pastries. Offering everything from coffee to gourmet sandwiches, Financier is famous for both their buttery morsels and their charming mint green packaging. With a simple stripped design and a clean logo, the Financier packaging appears to be Ladurée’s more practical sister. Comprising their packaging, Financier tends to use plastic cups and bags. Overall, it’s very practical meets pretty.



New York City is a great place to be a coeliac. With so many gluten-less options out there, you can nearly eat like a normal person! Serving gluten free cookies and sandwiches, Tu-Lu’s is the ideal neighborhood bakery; friendly, accommodating, and makers of delicious baked goods. To add, Tu-Lu’s logo and packaging are adorable.  A diner inspired logo and easy-to-carry boxes only add to this culinary heaven. The vintage logo and labels might conjure up images of run-of-the-mill cupcakes, but Tu-Lu’s is all about modern day baking.

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