Celebrity Alcohol Brands: Does the Celebrity Personality Match the Brand Personality?

Drew Barrymore: Barrymore Pinot Grigio. Barrymore, an avid Pinot Grigio drinker, worked closely with SGC Group, the official licensees, to make sure the product was on brand…the Barrymore brand that is.  From the whimsical flavors, to the slightly playful take on a classic design, is quite Barrymore-esque.  Too bad she has to abstain for the next 9 months.


Sean Combs: Ciroc. In 2007, Sean Combs formed a strategic alliance with Ciroc.  From the crisp and cool name to the sleek bottle design and celeb following, Ciroc Vodka is very much in alignment with the urbane (or unctuous, however you look at it!) Sean Combs brand.


Dan Ackroyd: Crystal Head Vodka.  This is hilariously discordant.   The skull design is said to be an homage to the Mexican celebration, the day of the dead, yet the brand story is about purity.  And all from actor, former SNL alum, blues musician, writer Dany Ackroyd.  Mr. Ackroyd…what do you stand for????


Ludacris: Conjure Cognac.  Big props to Ludacris’ marketing peeps!  I hear that every hip hop artist loves a good Cognac, and now there is one to rival Courvoisier.  From its decidedly gauche Gucci-esque monogramed bottle to its abuse of the French language, this bottle is on brand and I’m sure will be well received by hip hop culture. But somehow “pass the Conjure” doesn’t have the same ring to it.


Marilyn Manson: Mansinthe. From the skeletal thin bottles to the custom artwork with future representations of Manson himself, Mansinthe is creepily on brand and I’m scared to say anything else about it.


Roberto Cavalli: Roberto Cavalli Vodka.  The man famed for his iconic dress designs that hug the curves of our favorite leading ladies has had a successful foray into the world of liquor.  His iconic shape wraps the well-known curves of the bottle, reminiscent of Cavalli’s own design style.   It’s sleek, smooth and perfectly Italian.  He’s done his name proud.


Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl cocktails.  This Real Housewive is part mogul and part mashugana.  But say what you like about Bethenny Frankel, the girl knows how to create an alcoholic beverage that appeals to the calorie-counter in all of us.  It’s slimming, sassy, and a little bit cheesy.  It couldn’t get more like Bethenny.


Justin Timberlake: 901 Silver Tequila.  I think I once heard Jessica Biel say, “nothing tastes as smooth as JT” but we are all willing to give this Tequila a try in the hopes that it is.  He says he was looking for something truly special that he just couldn’t find (eh hmm, that’s what we say about him too!) and set out to make his own deliciously smooth rendition of this Mexican favorite.  It’s sleek, it has strong clean lines, and looks like it will help us get our dance on.  Just like Justin.


Now, if only the Beckhams would do a beer and zero-calorie vodka duo, we’d be in brand building heaven.

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