Boardroom Marketing Slang 2012

Inspired by a recent article in Marketing Week that highlights new marketing words that will make it to the boardroom in 2012, we decided to make our own list. Here are a few words you might expect to hear being thrown around the office this year…

Pinteresting: Refers to an idea that is interesting enough to share on Pinterest.

LiCoSo: Taken from the SEO formula of Links + Content + Social

Instagramification: Refers to the instant gratification you get from posting images of your friends, babies, desserts, new cars on Instagram.

Skypapalooza:  Refers to the growing number of skype calls and virtual meetings versus actual face time.

Facebookphobe: Aka weirdo,  someone who is fearful or reluctant to join Facebook.

Tweetbooking: The art and science of using Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.

Twittisize: Turning a normal phrase into a twitter-like hashtag frenzy.

Android Complex: Like the well-know Napoleon Complex, this complex refers to actions that exhibit an inferiority complex…such as never living up to the iPhone.

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