Big Brains Change Little Things

Created by Ogilvy France, a new series of outdoor advertisements for IBM are physically carrying out their branding message and campaign tagline: “Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities”.

One advertisement curls at the bottom to form a bench.


While another curls at the top to form an umbrella.


And the last advertisement multitasks as a ramp.


These might seem like just a few more campaign gimmicks, but they’re more than that; they provide a meaningful brand message.

So much of advertised technological advances in computers, phones, cars, or any similar product, are superficial, amounting to little more than the bells and whistles we could easily do without but which nevertheless attract us. This is an inevitable selling point, and therefore a necessary concern for every technology company. However, such a company will never put itself in a position of control without providing a substantive advance in the  core function of its product, that is, without providing a practical advantage over its competitors. What these IBM ads successfully do is reinforce the notion, and promise, that they’re using their high-powered, technology-oriented minds to create practical, tangible results in their customers’ lives. In the same way that a product outside the field of technology will highlight, to some degree,  its technological advantage over competitors, these IBM ads demonstrate a fully-realized, 360° brand identity, one that is practical as well as intellectually abstract.

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