An Inside Look at Google+ 2.0

The Google+ redesign has been on the minds of many as of recent, including those at Imagemme HQ. What are our views on the newest version of Google’s premier social media outlet? Imagemme’s SEO Specialist and Social Media Marketing Analyst, Dhanesh Shelat and Genna AlTai, takes a look at the key differences between Google+ 2.0 and its original:

Google’s very first attempt at a social networking site hasn’t exactly been an overnight success, but its recent makeover could change the look of things. To compete with sites like Facebook and Twitter, the Google+ redesign makes the social networking outlet far more attractive, but is it alluring enough to switch users over from Facebook? Though fans might still prefer the likes of Facebook, the new Google+ is both beautiful and functional.  Here’s why:

1). There Is No White Way… Where with the old design there was poorly used white space, now there’s a convenient timeline-esque navigation page with amazing customization options.

2). Google+ For Dummies. The labeling and buttons are far clearer and easier to comprehend. The new site now features a “Trending on Google+” option on the home page, which indicates if a topic is increasing or decreasing in popularity with some friendly red and green arrows.

3). You Are Your Google+ Account. With more customization opportunities and chances for users to express themselves, the Google+ redesign just made the lagging site that much more social. You can also have your own cover photo, a great way to further define your social media persona.


All in all, the new Google+ is fabulous looking and it’ll be interesting to see where they take it from here, especially in terms of design. However, it’s not all about beauty. Google have also made some made some functional updates to their social network:

1). Navigation Ribbon:

Before, Google+’s navigation buttons were housed in a static bar at the top of the news feed. With the update, a ribbon is introduced that can be personalized with different Google+ apps using the drag-and-drop interface. When you hover over an app icon, a list of quick functions appears. For example, hovering over photos reveals an “add photos” button.


2). Explore Page

The new Explore page monitors what’s popular and interesting across the site. How much of that content hits your news feed can be adjusted with the slider control.


3). Specific Hangouts Page

The new page for hangouts simplifies the process of finding public and on Air hangouts to join. It also lets you see invitations to hangouts from people in your circles.


With a new makeover , Google’s social network is both a little prettier and more intuitive. Let’s hope, Google’s sake, that they can finally get their reported 170 million users to become genuinely active.

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