A Logo Is Not A Brand

Countless organizations come to our agency looking for a “new brand” when in reality what they are looking for is a logo or identity update.

The buck stops here.  We are going to dispel a major myth…your logo is not your brand, and your brand is not your logo.

Everything that goes out of your company’s front door is representative of the brand and works to create the holistic experience that is the brand.  A brand is a harmonious experience of all its parts such as:

  • Brand strategy
  • Logo & icon
  • Packaging
  • Website
  • Branded collateral
  • Events
  • Personnel
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Advertising

Ultimately, the brands that connect with consumers the most are the ones that curate an emotional experience that consumers can relate to and speaks to their value.  If you think your logo can do all of that, it must be one heck of a logo : )

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