A Few Ways to Make the Best of the Weather Outside

Here in New York, the sky has finally cleared up, but the streets, sidewalks, and subways are a mess.  For those of you cuddled up for a snow day, here are a few design treats to get your wheels turning for the next blizzard.


Let’s get the practicalities out of the way early.  Black Diamond’s design stores easy and looks great, so you’ll be the envy of your early-morning sidewalk (or driveway, for that matter. We just don’t have too many of those out this way).  But remember: don’t lift with your back.


Sorry, but Porsche outdid your favorite childhood RadioFlyer – hit the hills in style next time, maybe when Ion (or Janos, or Kronos) rolls around…


If you’re out for a scenic stroll, why not do it with swag?


Don’t sink when you can snow-shoe.  This pair – designed in Norway by Fimbulvetr – keeps you moving, and looking good to boot.


Hitting the slopes?  This pair of carbon skis designed by Audi look absolutely scrumptious.

Or if you’re in the mood to curl up with a good book and a tea, here are a few sexy, modern fireplaces, in order of ascending price (#want):




Happy January!


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